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Originally Posted by shimey013 View Post
1st off.... It's not scalping. It's kinda funny how you call them scalpers.

When in the collecting business you have to play the market, it moves like the stock market. I have been in the sports card business for years and well you have to play the market. If SRP is $$10 and market bring $50, why sell it for $10. I know none of you would. It typical business when it comes to any type of collectors market.
not sure what your definition of scalping is?

scalper - definition of scalper by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.
3. To resell at a price higher than the established value:
while capitolism is great, its not usually welcome at any collector forum that I know of. There is no rules to prevent people from reslling anything at a higher price but it hurts collectors in a lot of ways other then paying higher prices for an item.

for example:
if a scalper buys out all the thundercats toys and holds them for an extended period of time, cant sell them then returns them back to the store. The store still sees them in inventory and doesnt purchase more. more then likely in between that time the collector seeks out other stores or places to get what they want. and since the scalped items are now back on the shelf, it appears as sales were poor and lines are cancelled. Therefore the collector gets screwed.

As you said " It typical business when it comes to any type of collectors market." its no longer the collectors realm and bording on business, and again usually business are allowed to resell on forums unless a deal is made via advertising, etc.

The point of collecting is NOT for resale. its to keep and cherish. If you stricly buy something for the intent to make a profit, your not a collector.
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