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Originally Posted by Bengali of Thundera View Post
When he first saw her he looked surpriced but not the kind of surpriced when you see someone for the first was more like he was surpriced seeing her after a long time!
I honestly didn't catch that. I saw that he looked surprised, but didn't think much about it. Now that you mention that, it makes a lot of sense.

Originally Posted by Yasraina View Post
The think i want to find out is who is Tygras father. From the begging we know that he is adopted but we don't know who is his father. I'm very curious about that.
I'm thinking he may have been a good friend of Claudus, cause otherwise why would the king adopt some random child? What would make it very interesting, and complicated, would be if he was actually Claudus's son, but a product of him cheating, and the adoption was a cover-up when Tygra's mother died?....
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