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I love the show and all but I found kinda frustrating how characters like Tygra and Cheetara donīt show so much development, till now!
It's really cool that the big bad guys will be back this Friday, I was hopeing that cause the story needs it, but seriously, I want more Tygra and Chaatara delopment!!!
Thats why Im so excited about episode 12. I loved the little moments Tygra/Cheetara in episode 11^^ And hope will get to see tons (kinda) of them this Friday
I wanna see flashbacks of them meeting each other and maybe, I don't know, there will be some of them being young I hope so cause since I saw Tygra and Lion-O as kids in episde 5, I want badly to see Cheetara as a kid!! <3
It would be cool too if the king and Jaga were in the flashbacks (if theres going to be any, of course)
I'm still waiting for the sneack peack for episode 12^^
This Friday will be awesome!!

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