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Originally Posted by CCDustyV View Post
Love the ep, it was a gut shot to all of them that Lion O went down, and you could tell by Tygra's face it hit him harder than he let on.

rather looking forward to the next ep when they've had time for the shock to wear off. Wilykit's faith in Lion O really made it for me.

As for Lion O, love the challenges, the twin's challenge was spot on as was Cheetara. Different with just enough nods to the classic trials to make me smile.

Also Cheetara's advice... this says it's either all over, or Lion O has just been going about things with her wrong and needs to change tactics. Either way I look forward to see how things go from here!
Originally Posted by stac View Post
Just saw the episode.
Barely 50 seconds in and we get a confrontation between Lion-O and Cheetara about misinterpreting signals. This triangle obviously means a lot to these writers. Either they plan on continuing this over the long term or it’s building to some kind of climax at the end of the next episode.

The spirit kittens were pretty much in character, but spirit Cheetara seemed extra flirty or ‘friendlier’ than usual. Either the spirit version of Cheetara is sociopathic, leading Lion-O on, or Lion-O is manifesting his desires on to her, or maybe she represents the real Cheetara’s unconscious desires.
The conversation about running into dead ends and taking a “different path” implies that there may be potential for L/C. Or perhaps she meant Lion-O should get over it.

As for battle strategy, Lion-O should have listened to Panthro about the route to the top of the mountain being too vulnerable. Lion-O was too emotional and brash, not listening to the other Cats.

Last time Tygra was captured all he could do was smirk at Lion-O. This time he did a good job – that was a brutal beating he took. Why couldn’t he have been like this last episode?

Anyway, let’s see how the ‘new’ Lion-O 2.0 turns out. Maybe they’ll reboot this love triangle too?

You’re just a silly little troll who seems to be a little too obsessed with cartoon characters.

I think if she is telling him to move on, she wouldn't of kissed him and give him that advice with her smile. She would be toying with him again. There would be no trinagle too.

He didn't expect her to kiss him, so he is not just going to give up on her now.

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