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Originally Posted by Balgus82 View Post
Puma is a genus, but it is also an alternate common name for cougars/mountain lions depending on the region they're in.
D'OH! For some reason I thought Puma when referring to a particular species was referring to another species in the Puma genus (looking it up that's actually the Jaguarundi, which has no colloquial name in English). My mistake, sorry.

Similar to how Black Panthers are usually just called Panthers even though "Panther" actually includes Tigers, Jaguars, Leopards, and Lions.
Er, actually, you've just made something of a mixed metaphor here as this is the reverse case of what you've just stated. Also, did you forget an "a" in the quotes there? "Panthera" is the genus that you're mentioning there.

And even if Puma was only a genus a mountain lion would still be part of that genus and thus would still be a Puma.
Technically, you're correct. Which is the best kind of correct, according to Futurama.

Still, that last statement makes that one of yours I responded to a little off...

well Pumas are considered Mountain Lions.... Mountain Lions are Pumas and vice-versa (colloquially). Wouldn't that be better as (vis-a-vis the whole Lion-O/Pumyra situation) "well Pumas are called Mountain Lions...."?

It also seems like it could be more amusing for the possible situation with a seeming mistake in there, as in:

well Pumas are called Mounting Lions....

EDIT: I meant "Mountain Lions". No, really, I did.
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