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As with many here, I actually found the absence of Lion-o and Tygra refreshing, and it was nice to get an episode dedicated to the Thunderkittens, especially one fleshing out their characters a little more. I feel like they lost whatever moral there was, if there was intended to be one, though. It seemed like they were saying, if the choice is too hard, avoid it, and maybe something better will present itself?

Any FMA fans? I couldn't help thinking of the One is All, All is One test, where the two main characters (also kids) nearly starved to death before figuring out that they were part of the circle of life, and that hunting game for food was just part of that cycle. Even if the food is cute.

Then again, that may just been too much maturity for a Saturday Morning Cartoon


Originally Posted by CreepySariFan View Post
Kinda speaking out of my ass here since I'm still recovering from a 15 hour work day and staying up over 24 hours, but I felt like the whole moral of the story here was that the kittens had always tried the alternative solution when the obvious hard choices seemed too grim.
I do like this idea, that the kittens think their way around things, instead of taking what may seem obvious to the older Thundercats. It's clear they've experienced hardship and had to suspend their morals when it was clear that they wouldn't survive otherwise. Honestly returning money didn't get them anywhere, and stealing became necessary.

In fact, when we first met the kittens, they were charming peasants so they could loot them for money.

I just felt that the resistance to make the hard choice to hunt didn't jive with the display of hard choices we were shown throughout the episode. Follow me?

And completely out of left field...

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Panthro is already in a meaningful, committed relationship with the ThunderTank, anything else would be considered adultery.
Panthro/ThunderTank OTP. That is all.
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