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Originally Posted by stac View Post
Why are so many people intent on having Lion-O/Pumyra? Maybe it's acceptable if it’s useful to further character development, but romance for the sake of romance? On this show? No, thanks… I don’t want anymore.

After the way the triangle was handled, I don’t have much confidence in the writers’ abilities to handle romance convincingly.

Unless they can do romance believably, without wrecking character development, they should forgo the romance, and continue with the main story.
I know I'm not, lol. I personally would like to seen Lion-O fix the most important problem of all, uniting the animals and kicking Mumm-Ra's bony behind into oblivion. He's young and he's got the whole world on his shoulders. Sure it would be nice to have a romantic interest but I think it should be low on his priority list right now. They need some estrogen in the writing team if they want to pull off romance right. Yeah, ditto here. Story first, romance later.
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