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Originally Posted by CCDustyV View Post
I have a bad feeling... very bad feeling, and it's only partially about the army surrounding our feline heroes...

Tygra's eye quirks a lil when Lion O mentioned the Sword of Plundarr rivaled his own - check

overly romantic episode several episodes away from a season fanale - check

Cheetara issuing a warning that "this weapon was not meant to be used by a cat" - check

add all these factors up: Tygra's going to do something very, very stupid.

my own prediction for the next ep, Tygra's going to use the Sword and Claw of Plundarr and will end up corrupted, and it could also possibly lead to at least the beginnings of the end of the Ti/Chee relationship. which will coincide with Lion O hooking up with Pumyra, thus fulfilling to my earlier prediction of Cheetara getting a shock view of Lion O and Pumyra kissing like she and Tygra did way back in ep 13.

but beyond my predictions and theories, one thing for sure from that cliffhanger.

this is a big Uh Oh situation...
Mummra is about to open a can of WA, FINALLY! The cats have to get the elixir to stop him.

I am hoping in birth of the blades, we see the material that the swords come from.
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