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I saw an subtle eyebrow quirk when Lion O mentioned the sword, subtle, but it, followed by Tygra's jumping to follow Cheetara after it was a redflag to me. could be paranoid, but meh that's me... Though I will say, while I'm not a fan of the pairing, it is mighty nice of Tygra to remember he had a girlfriend after three or four eps with him hardly acknowledging that. (won't count the Kittens ep). Just saying, if they'd handle their pairing well, I could get behind it, but it's almost the worst romantic subplot I've seen. was tops till I saw saturday's Legend of Korra (really, that was it? REALLY?!)

As Just saying, that rivalry isn't going to end just because Tygra found out he's from a long line of jerks. Tygra's always wanted the Sword, it was made clear in the Astral Plane debackle the sword is what he wanted for YEARS, that won't just go away over night. And a throw down between the brothers with equally powerful swords would be a fine way to finally put this to a rest.

and also I might point out that overly romantic episodes between support characters usually lead to a break up or one of their deaths in most shows/animes... if they're going with that trope, I'd personally rather see a break up over Tygra or Cheetara pushing up daisies...

And for the record before I say this, while I still stand by my preference of Lion O/Cheetara I'm actually starting to like Pumyra with Lion O at least for now, always had a thing for spitfires personally, but there's just something not right with Tygra/Cheetara at least how they are here, it just, it's hard to really say, something doesn't feel 'kosher' there... but again, could be old anime paranoia.
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