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Originally Posted by hollowdheart View Post
Michael Jelenic, i think.

Maybe they're talking about the comics? All i can remember about them is the atrocious way T/C was made canon in them.

Also, i was a bit confused about Cheetara hunting for food; sure she was an orphan in Thundera (unless she's from somewhere else) and i don't think Clerics hunted for food, given that they probably got free meals for protecting the King and Royal family.
Ah, I didn't know that was his first name.

As for hunting, it goes back to what I said about them being cats, I think. Given that they're descended/related to VERY efficient hunter-killers, I think we're supposed to assume that hunting is part of their life-style and a skill all adult cats basically have. Also, as soldier/bodyguard thing she may have just learned it as part of the skills to be an amazing warrior.
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