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Originally Posted by Balgus82 View Post
Are you from a different country than the US? Just wondering.

Yeah Panthera is the proper name for the genus, but it's commonly shortened to just Panther here in the states.
Umm... no, it's not. And I'm from the US. Panther is a colloquial name for the big black cats (which is actually just a coloration of a couple of the big cats and not an actual kind of cat at all). Panthera is the name of the genus that includes the four big cats (Tiger, Lion, Leopard, and Jaguar I believe). The two are not the same. Not even in common language. We do not call the four big cats 'panthers.' I believe you are confusing the two terms, which sound similar but are completely unrelated.

Speaking of which, has there ever been a Leopard character in thundercats?

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