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Ive noticed a common theme amongst many Thundercats fans, a general hatred of Tygra and anything related to him.
Personally i have always liked Tygra the most right from the original series i often dont take to the main characters in these sort of shows i find them boring (such as lion-o)

One big complaint is that Cheetara got with Tygra and not Lion-o, in this series it makes much more sense for Cheetara to be with Tygra not Lion-o, they are a closer match in age for a start and have history together. Yes Cheetara flirted with lion-o but dont alot of kids (cos he is still young) have crushes on teachers and mentors? especially those as hot as cheetara is. Remember we see most episodes from Lion-o's point of view so its bound to look like she likes him back cos thats the way he wants to see it.

these are just my opinions and i am definitely open to discussion (hence starting a thread)
I just want the views and opinions if you love tygra like i do why? and if you are one of the tygra haters then speak out and share your thoughts.
Just as a side not i dont want this to turn into a huge argument everyone has their own views and opinions thats what makes life great itd be dull if we are all the same.
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