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I suppose it’s for the same reasons I’d pick the boring, nice guy over the cocky, arrogant wanker.
I don’t hate the character but I do dislike him. I don’t share the view that Tygra is a ‘complex’ character. I think he’s a rather simple and petty character for all the reasons hollowdheart mentioned.
For other people, Tygra symbolises the control exerted on the show by Jelenic.

Originally Posted by Jasperoo View Post
One big complaint is that Cheetara got with Tygra and not Lion-o, in this series it makes much more sense for Cheetara to be with Tygra not Lion-o, they are a closer match in age for a start and have history together.
“Between Brothers” was not just a slap in the face to those who ship LiChee, but also to those who didn’t necessarily care about shipping but just wanted good storytelling. It was a fine example of how ‘misdirection’ can turn into an utter failure. Cheetara choosing Tygra was an Ass Pull through and through.
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