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Wow cool it people this was intended to be a discussion not a full on argument. There is no need to become offensive to other people just because they hold a different opinion than yourself, if you havent got constructive things to say then dont say them. I started this thread as i was genuinely curious as to what made people dislike Tygra so much and some peoples comments have shown that in a constructive way.
i especially like MegaGearX's comment, it seems the show made the rivalry a bit too strong and made Tygra way too arrogant.
I think a big problem is the show focused so much on developing Lion-o to start with that the other characters appeared a bit 2D so when they did start to develop them further they had to work on the 2D basis eg Tygra is an arrogant rival, Panthro is a grizzly veteran. It would of been nicer if the other thundercats had been more interesting to start with.
I definitely agree it was foolish to make tygra fly better than the birds without explaining it, the only thing i can imagine is that he is tygus' descendant but that doesnt really explain why he was a good flier.
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