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What an episode!
Didn't think they would go to some of the places they did, man that was dark!
I was thinking, 'classic cartoon, talk about sacrifice and then not follow it up, pretend that just standing there was a sacrifice...' and then bam!! No arms!! "worth it." what a line!!

I do find it strange how easily Tygra beats Lion-o for strength and swordsplay. Well, I do and I don't. He's the one that's trained and focused so it makes sense - however - you would have thought by now Lion-o would be the better swordsman, or because he was more in tune with the sword of omens it could have been the deciding factor...

anyway I guess he proved his worth against Mumm-ra by finding the stone and using it.

Cheetara hooooooooo!! Agree with most of the comments here. Cool, no problems, choose Tygra, but don't lead the poor lad Lion-o on! PLus, as someone else said, there's been very little between T+C throughout the series - I suppose little moments here and there that now look more poignant.

I also agree there is no real 'betrayal' that's gone on here. She led him on, sure, but Tygra hasn't betrayed him and she's just made a choice, so maybe the Elephant has forgotten the definition of betrayal Having said that it was a really cool little sequence -
"You said I'd be betrayed"
"I have not heard the evening bell yet"

Excellent end to the first half of the series.
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