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Originally Posted by AnonymousIncognito View Post
I still hold my issue with that flower scene was it showed Lion-O never even stood a chance with Cheetara. Cheetara never knew him, never knew of his qualities, never knew of his struggles and doubts. If Cheetara had known of Lion-O and witnessed how he was treated by the kingdom, his own family, and most of all Tygra, I am inclined to believe that it would have taken more than a flower for Tygra to win her heart.

That is why I - like many others - have such an issue with Cheetara's line to Lion-o that Tygra was in his shadow. Based on how Lion-O's life was and how he was treated, he was the one in Tygra's shadow.

I'm hoping the crew doesn't screw things up like they've done before.
They were both in each other's shadows in different ways. Lion-O was in Tygra's because Tygra always seemed to be better at everything and he had everyone's approval because he was the dutiful brother, but Tygra was in Lion-O's because no matter how many things he was better at Lion-O would still end up being King and being better at everything wouldn't matter.
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