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Originally Posted by Pizza Man Z View Post
I have to say I see your points, good and bad, but I cannot fault Bandai. They did a pretty good job of the 6 inch toys and I can see me keeping these until my death bed. They are pretty cool. Yes, they are lacking accessories like Mumm-ra's cape or sword for the classic line. The should have kept the line 6 inches for the Classics and never tried the 8 inch line. They are cool, but they are too big for fans and kids all the way around.
Bandai dropped the ball on the Classics line, by making the size an uncommon 8" inches instead of the regular 6" inches and they missing abdominal articulation for Mumm-Ra and Tygra making them look fat.

Bandai also messed up with the case ratios in the 4" line. Too many damn Mummy Mumm-Ra's are warming pegs. The Tower of Omens was a joke.
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