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Originally Posted by L08e16o View Post
MJ is my problem. He wanted to write his tygra fan fic. It is fine if lion-o is second place to tygra, in the begining, but over and over again we are reminded that lion-o will always be second place. This is the writer.
It's like some people are watching a totally different show. Sorry, please can you show me where and how many times Tygra has, I dunno... stopped Mumm-Ra? Has saved the day? 'cause I oddly, do not remember any such events happening.

HECK, the most complaints I have heard around the first 13 episodes was that the show focuses on Lion-O too much!

You are really nitpicking with this whole "Tygra fanfic" thing. Tygra is simply, a more prominent character this time, which was obvious since we learned he is an adopted brother of Lion-O. I for one, like this change. As said, I watched more episodes of the OS then the new show, and it has showed me nothing at all to remember the old Tygra by.
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