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Originally Posted by xander88 View Post
I've never read any of these but I've been considering purchasing some of them even though they are expensive now. Would you guys recommend them? Are they worth the money?

Volume 1, Reclaiming Thundera (issues 0-5) by Ford Gilmore, is the closest one to the tone of the series. Set after the final episode, it shows Lion-O growing into his leader role, while featuring the return of Shadowmaster (issue 1), the Mutants & Hachiman (issue 2), Mandora & the Lunatacs (issue 3, with an art style that doesn't fit the franchise), Mumm-Ra (issue 4) & Grune (issue 5). The end of the miniseries sets up the next one.
Note: Issue 0 was a primer for the series, to reintroduce the characters, set during season 1.

Volume 2, The Return (issues 1-5) by Ford Gilmore, is where the comics take a dark turn. Everything that could go bad went bad, Thundera is enslaved, a Thundercat is dead, and Lion-O returns to pick up the pieces. Some fans like it, some fans really hate it.

Volume 3, Dogs of War (issues 1-5) by John Layman, concludes the post-finale trilogy. Set fifteen years later, it features the invasion of a race of space dogs that want to conquer Thundera. The series introduces three new Thundercats (including two offsprings), and it has some weird moments, like the Sword of Oprah joke and Who let the cats out. The ending is kind of weird.

Volume 4, Hammerhand's Revenge (issues 1-5) by Fiona Avery, goes back to the setting of season one on Third Earth. It features Hammerhand, obviously, capturing Hachiman and demanding a ransom from him, which prompts the tHundercats to try to rescue him while dealing with a new races of bird creatures and the mysterious guardian of the forest. Personally, this is the one I least liked.

Volume 5, Enemy's Pride by John Layman is set during Season 2/Season 4 (seems, the thing has quite a few continuity errors, like the Third Earth Cat's Lair instead of the New Thundera one, the mutants in Thundera, etc ). The story was interesting, with Lion-O going all power mad and creating a Thunderguard army. In the end, it is revealed that Lion-O is not Lion-O, etc.

Then you have the one-shots:

- Sourcebook: A collection of pin-ups with small bios for most of the cast.

- Origins - Heroes and Villains features 4 stories:
  • Mumm-Ra (origin of Mumm-Ra set in Ancient Egypt) by Ford Gilmore
  • The Race (origin of Cheetara) by Ken Siu-Chong
  • Young Claudis (the origin of Claudus) by Ford Gilmore
  • The Birth of Thundera (origin of Thunderians, Thundercats, the Cat's Lair, etc) by Ford Gilmore

- Origins - Villains and Heroes features 4 stories:
  • Grune and Jaga (a little more background on their battle) by Ford Gilmore
  • Puppets of Men (the origin of Ta-She) by Ken Siu-Chong
  • Sword of Omens (how the sword was forged) by Ford Gilmore
  • The Destruction of Thundera (the final days of Thundera) by Ford Gilmore

Finally, you have the three crossovers one shots:

- Superman/Thundercats by Judd Winnick, features the Thundercats being sent to Earth's past and facing against Superman to gain a sister gem to the Eye of Thundera. Pretty decent.

- Thundercats/Battle of the Planets by Kaare Andrews, & Battle of the Planets/Thundercats by Munier Sharrieff. These features the team-ups of both teams against a combination of the bad guys od their respective series, but they aren't in continuity with each other (in both they meet for the first time). Can't say I enjoyed them.

If I had to recommend which ones to get, I would say the post series trilogy, the two Origins issues, the Sourcebook for reference purposes, and maybe the final miniseries for the idea of the Thunderguard.

Hope it helps.

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