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Originally Posted by nickanu View Post
I just feel that Lion-o grabbing at whatever female cat is around him, regardless of who it is. With him quickly jumping from one to another it just makes it seem like little crushes and are not to be taken to seriously.
Another thing I feel that love should not be such a focus on this series at this point in time they should wait till down the road when we get a better feel for the characters because right now they’re too hard to understand.
I think there are pandering to the fans and no series should do that.…I get that he’s an 18-year-old male but this is feeling too much like high school. All I hear is who does he like, who does she like, who doesn’t she like, who doesn’t he like, I mean come on…
you got all this drama going on meanwhile Mumm-ra trying to take over the world and destroy the thundercats….
when the last time they actually looked for any of the stones I can’t remember. And Mumm-ra I want him to be more cruel, copulating, devious, evil among evil master villain badass but in the last 23 episodes he’s only won once. that doesn’t sound like much of a threat there.. He couldn’t even win in his own temple now that sad…I hate to say this but the thundercats need to lose more often for him to be seen as a perceivable threat…but with that said maybe they will now that he has his sword….

Wow this thing got really long didn’t intend to write that much.. just my opinion though, no reason to get pissed off over it…
Good points, although i really don't mind romance if done well, but it shouldn't overshadow the action and plot, which it kind of has in this series, at least sometimes.

As for Mumm-ra, despite being a weird example, this episode was good for making him seem more of a threat. There was an epic battle that was well-animated and well fought, and the cats lost, only being saved by an outside factor. True, they didn't have to retreat and it wasn't Mumm-ra's normal form, but it did at least help show that Mumm-ra CAN defeat them, which is something that was becoming iffy.

Also, I think you mean calculating, not copulating. Pretty sure copulating means to breed, which is NOT something we want to see Mumm-ra doing.
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