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Originally Posted by Jack-Pumpkinhead View Post
Also, did anyone else look at Mumm-Ra's armor and go, "Oh god, that looks like Hordak"? Cause I did, and I LOVED having that reaction.
Next week will rule!
I really enjoyed what they are doing with the "power stones", but I do fear too much of the series will devolve to "search for stone x" and while I enjoy those big story arcs, its the characters that will sell the series, and I don't feel we've gotten very good "character pieces" since Lion-O's stint as Ahab and Panthro's bit last episode. Then again, the writers HAVe surprised me with how they are taking the series in different directions, so I suppose I shouldn't be concerned.

But you KNOW the toy designers at Bandai are thinking "So those gauntlet things turn into magical armor? Hello new toy renditions!". Makes me wonder if we'll get those armor suits in the deluxe range if they make another appearance later in the series (which I"m betting will happen, you can't let something as cool as Mumm-Ra's "powered form" be a one off)

Originally Posted by JamesBenjamin View Post
Ok, so what's the silverhawks reference? I watched the show as a kid, but didn't catch whatever happened in this episode referencing it...
During the planetary assault (which itself many including myself, see as a Silverhawks reference with the squid soldiers), Mon*Star's "base form" can be seen on Mumm Ra's large screen.
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