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Originally Posted by mihoshi View Post
What was the name of Leo's girlfriend? I didn't catch it. But both she and the sword forgers were SO TALL Leo looked like a shrimp!

This episode was amazing. I wonder why the stone was on Third Earth, and who the original inhabitants are, since the "animals" are all aliens. Is there a home planet of Thundera? Did they willfully abandon technology because of their bad past with Mumm-Ra or were they forced to abandon it after crashing? Why did the animal alliance ultimately fail? So many questions!

I don't know if her name was even mentioned.

As for the animal alliance breaking down, that's simple. Some time after the landing, probably 1000 years or so, one of the Thunderan leaders decided that he wanted to rule, tore down the alliance, and took the best stuff for himself and the cats, thus beginning the kingdom of Thundera.
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