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You have to remember that Cheetara had a hard childhood herself and Panthro himself couldn't have had it easy first as a low-level grunt and later as a wanderer searching for the Book of Omens. That said, they are making assumptions about the twins that aren't exactly fair, and it seems that no one ever thought to ask the kids about their story, then again, did they ever think to ask for Tygra's or Cheetara's?

But they do have a point, the Kids rely too much on their cuteness to get people to do things for them that they probably could do for themselves, case in point: Foraging for food.

You have to realize that the cats have a different culture from us (which is half the fun of fantasy), and in their culture it probably isn't uncommon to except children around the age of ten or so to look after themselves, they've obviously done so before living in the slums, why not the forest too where there's food everywhere (if you know how to look for it).
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