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I liked the backstory and it really made me cry when their father passed away. While logic tells us that it probably wasn't smart of them to run away from home, we have to think that kids don't always think things through. Their immediate concern was that, they don't want Mom to have hard time trying to feed all four of them, and that they wanted to help her.

As for Panthro and Cheetara leaving them there, well it was rather concerning, but they did go with them the first time around. They also wanted them to learn how to fend for themselves in case the older cats died. Also, if we remember, the kids battled side by side with against the massive lizard army in the elephant village. They didn't tell the kids to hide with the elephants. In the beginning of episode 14, Kit and Kat were also used as bait to lead those lizards to where Lion-O and the gang were hiding. So much as we are horrified that these kids were left to fend for themselves, this isn't the first time. The battle with the lizards were just as, as if not more dangerous than the forest. I think that in this situations, it's eat or be eaten.
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