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Originally Posted by Shadowknight1 View Post
And now for a problem I had with the writing. Since Lion-O refused to fight Pumyra in the Pit, she treated him with a great deal of respect in the last episode, even going so far as to throw that flirty "Maybe you should move on to another cat" line. Then, in THIS episode, she goes back to being bitchy, snarky, and all around rude up until the end. Tell me, do the writers watch the previous episodes? Or is Pumyra just supposed to be bipolar?
You should be used to this by now seeing as such inconsistently in characterisation is now a trademark of the show.

If the plot requires it then character development will regress, no matter how strange it seems.

Lion-O's essentially a young man, probably just out of his teens if not still in them. What better way for a girl with nice curves to push a guy into following the path laid out before him?
The only way for Cheetara to get Lion-O to learn was to use her ‘feminine wiles?’ This doesn’t seem like a particularly strong argument. It’s rather sexist actually.

But I think that her confidence in her cleric abilities and duties has fallen since the "everything's changed" bit, so she really needs an episode to get herself back up and on the job. Where's the spirit of Jaga when you need him?
This I agree with completely.
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