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Originally Posted by FreakinZoid View Post
Sorry to tell you SS but even I have noticed there seems to be more fans agreeing on a Lion-o/Cheetara pairing than anything else.

Actually, one of the reasons why I never signed up at TClair was after reading many of the comments, it did seem like the Tygrashipping was above average crazy there. Not saying there aren't fans of others on that site but they seem to get drowned out by the Tygra fans.

No need for you to throw in that last line. All it does it make you seem like a spolied child who wants to take their toys and go home because they don't like how the other kids are playing.
TCL isn't any worse with the Tygra fans than this place is with Lion-O fans. As long as you're respectful when you post your opinions everyone is fine. They'll counter your arguments, but how is that any different than what we do here?
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