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Originally Posted by Shadowknight1 View Post
I had a few problems with this episode. Not really "writing" per se, but some things that strain logic. First, the idea that wiping out an entire galaxy would only destroy two planets that support life that only orbit a single star is kinda bogus. Surely there would be more than two in an entire galaxy. Secondly...why in the name of Thundera would Mumm-ra need a SWORD when he has a bomb that can reduce an entire galaxy to a glob of metal???? It seems to me that he already has a weapon more powerful than his stupid sword. That'd be like Emperor Palpatine claiming he needs a new lightsaber even though he has the Death Star at his beckon call.
How many planets support life in our galaxy?

Anyway having something that can blow up a galaxy is fine and all, but what if your goal isn't just to destroy everything in sight? Different weapons for different purposes.
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