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Originally Posted by Mum Star View Post
Galaxy was just a wee bit excessive on the writers part though.

My biggest problem with how the Tygra Cheetara relationship has been handled is that in effect all Cheetara seems to have become is another issue between Lion-O and Tygra. Be nice if they let her have some character of her own that didn't revolve around the boys. I was honestly figuring on Lion-O/Cheetara, but Tygra and Cheetara doesn't drive me crazy. I'm more bothered by the fact Tygra and Lion-O's relationship doesn't seem to go anywhere. That is to say Tygra never seems to get over his jelousy of Lion-O, and Lion-O never gets to surpass Tygra. The writers probably think their going to be able to milk it for drama, but if they wait too long it'll ring hollow, and any victory Lion-O gets over Tygra will feel like a fluke.

Loin-O will be the Mole! Who'd see that coming? More serously though, they might pull something with Pumrya. In TOS Mumm-Ra did once disguise himself as Pumm-Ra. Kinda hope they keep her though. I got a soft spot for her bieng used so little in TOS.

Damn Shipping. Makes everyone crazy. Damn love triangles. I always get them wrong.

You are not alone in your problems with Ty/Chee. Seems that is the biggest issue fans have with the show moreso than anything else.

Lol, yeah shipping can get pretty serious. If the triangle is done right, it works great. if it is done wrong... well, just look at this reboot.
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