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Originally Posted by stac View Post
CreepySariFan made a very specific argument: that DN was acting in such a negative way as a result of the car accident. He states it as if it was a fact and I merely pointed out that without actual evidence he is making a fallacious argument.

All I did was to say that DN was rather unprofessional in his handling of criticism and questions. Surely, that wasnít very harsh?
So the excuse for his actions and comments is a car wreck? If that's the case than Norton needs to have his licence pulled because this guy must get into a car wreck at least once a day.

You're right Stac. The entire excuse that his reaction was due to a car wreck is fallacious. It's a dodge used to try and rationalize unrational actions. As such, the excuse falls apart as soon as it is spewed.
I'd be willing to bet that the vast majority of fans had no clue norton been in a wreck. Thankfully, not all fans are leghumping sycophants that worship the guys every fart.

And no, saying Norton was unprofessional was not very harsh of you. His personal attack dogs that troll this site and others will of course insist it was but that doesn't make it so. No, what you said was simply fact. That's why certain peolpe are having such a problem with it.
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