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Originally Posted by Chique View Post
His opinion on what makes a woman a woman is irrelevant and worthless. He is not a woman, he does not identify as a woman. He doesn't know what it's like to be a woman or to have his breast criticized for being too big , too small or the wrong shape, or whatever standards breast are held to. He can speak on it all day, but at the end of the day his opinion on breast should not be taken into consideration ( once again, HE doesn't have breast) so why bother commenting on her lack of rack? Male or female OP, the comment was stupid and offensive, but it's coming from someone who has no breast but obviously feels like he should toss in his two cents
I'm not trying to stop him from speaking out. I'm not going to drive to his house and stop him from posting or talking. All I'm saying is that he has no business speaking up on breast size and how it pertains to a woman being a woman.
It's personal, but not just. I am not the only woman who is sick of hearing about breast size, and about how the perfect figure must be a replica of
Jessica Beil or Halle Berry's figure.

Pssht I'm over feeling inadequate over stuff like that. Sure it bothers me that some people feel they have the right to speak up on something they know nothing about or will never have to face criticism for, but I don't feel any pressure or heat to change the way I look. This is not about some desperate need to fit in. I just feel like my status as someone who does have breast and a vagina might be more ( or profitable at all) profitable to a conversation about breast, over someone who has neither breast or a vagina As a woman who is not a Jessica or a Halle, I have to face these types of criticism.My opinion on it matters more than someone who will never face these criticisms. Now if I go to a picture of Lion-O and comment on his lack of bulge or w.e and then imply or state that he is less of a male, then I have way over stepped my bounds. I will never know what it's like to live with how other people feel about small dicks,so I really have no place talking about how un-manly someone is for have a small one.

LOL, I'm not complaining about our nations BS standard of beauty or talking about how all it serves to do is fuel insecurites and inaduqecy in people from the moment they can comprehend what those things are, at least not in that particular post and not in this forum Please, don't feel obliged to give me the plain jane run down In no way am I asking for it, and I never meant for my post to imply that I need it. While I'm sure your advice is good natured, you have no business telling me how to deal with my hypothetical problem because you wont ever have to deal with my hypothetical problem. Now I wont drive to your home and stop you from talking about it, but I'm letting you know your opinion/advice wont be taken into consideration because you will never deal with this particular problem. Once again, the idea that you even think you can give me advice on how to handle it is way out there. I don't think my one forum post is going to change anything, and I never said it would. I'm not trying to change anything.

I have every right to talk about how disgusting his comment is. Just like he has the right to state his opinion. I don't need to find bitter people or whatever the hell you're talking about. Anywho it's not about that. All I'm saying is his opinions and criticism of breast are worthless. The fact that he thought it was even ok to comment on her lack of rack is He has no breast and will never be criticized about the way his breast look Coming from any gender it would be disgusting, but coming from someone who will never face criticism about it is a higher level of "just no".

I don't see anything wrong with the way Dan handled it, but if it was so out of character then maybe his accident did have something to do with it. Once again, I really don't feel like he was in the wrong, so we'd just go in circles about that all day.

So the opinion of noted and famous male art critics concerning paintings and sculptures of the femal form should be considered "irrelevant and worthless" because those critics are not women? If your mentality is that because a man "doesn't know what it's like to be a woman" they can't opine about a womans figure than you have shown yourself to be nothing more than offensively sexist.

Beauty - as the old saying goes - lies in the eye of the beholder. It doesn't lie in the gender.

And Chique, you might want to re-educate yourself concerning human anatomy if you think men don't have breasts. Both men and women have them; they aren't gender specific. Your entire point falls apart because you seem to believe men don't have breasts. Allow me to explain since it seems you slept through science that school day.

All primates (and humans are primates) both male and female contain regions of the torso called breasts. In both genders, the breasts are located in the upper ventral area of said primates torso regions and are comprised of the same embryological tissue. The reason womens breasts are often more prominent than mens has to do with puberty and the fact that women begin to produce more estrogen than testosterone. This increased estrogen production is what causes womens breasts to develop more than mens.

I won't even go into Gynecomastia if you were obviously unaware of the male breast.

You also seem to believe men don't take heat/criticism for their physical appearance. Let's just save the debunking of that ignorance for another day shall we....

All in all Chique, you've shown very sexist and narrow-minded views concerning gender as well as a serious need for further education into basic human anatomy.
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