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Originally Posted by stac View Post
However, I do think itís time for LiMyra to end and TyMyra to begin. I see much more potential for Tygra and Pumyra. They do enjoy the same things after all, mainly disrespecting Lion-O.
OMG, you read my mind! Their headstrong personalities, their "F*** You to Authority" talk, and how they look like each other are a lot alike. Plus, I would love to see a scene where Tygra pokes fun at her bow bracelet and said his laser gun is superior. Than she will turn around and ponce on him with such fire and than Cheetara rushes in to nurse her baby but Tygra was like "I want a rematch woman (Pumyra)! It's not over yet!" because he is defeated for the first time And Pumyra walks it off with swagger.

As for a relationship potential, I would like to see Tygra's whip lasso around Pumyra like he did with Cheetara in Ep. 11 if you know what I mean.
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