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Originally Posted by MegaGearX View Post
Lion-O locked the generals up and sent Mumm-Ra running in his own pyramid, things that the military-trained Tygra could not do. What aren't you understanding about this? This isn't rocket science...

You mean the mech that took a few steps and broke down? Real memorable there. Tygra failed there too and he's being controlled by the enemy! That's two losses in the same episode.

If you think Tygra was awesome while he was under the effects of the potion or defeated, then there is no point talking to you unless you're a Jelenic hater, is there?

You can defeat an enemy by making them understand that what they are doing is wrong. That's usually what most heroes try to do before resorting to violence. It's not the most exciting thing, but most heroes try to do this FIRST. As king, Lion-O is the diplomat here, remember? That's his forte' and it worked. Case closed.

And he is. Although Lion-O can't physically beat his older brother, he has been accomplishing things that Tygra can't do or failed at. Unfortunately, you're so fixated on Jelenic and Tygra that you don't realize this.
Lion-o is the main character of the show, not tygra. That is the point.

As I recall, lion-o was awsome in the OS.

Guess what, the diplomat thing doesn't always work. Tygra becoming a robot is a lot better than lion-o using words to have SS to allow the robot to send the pulse.

So, lion-o is only a diplomat in the NS. Wow, that really makes lion-o great.

No one remembers what lion-o did, even his own group doesn't remember what he did.

By the way, tygra only failed as being a king. Tygra climbing in a AC and mastering it is just more of what I am talking about.

You're right, I can't stand MJ. What I heard he did in BM brave and bold, just makes my opinion solid about him.

By the way, welcome to the board.

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