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Originally Posted by MegaGearX View Post
Lion-O has done some great things. But to Tygra, Cheetara and probably Pumyra too, he probably isn't actually respected as the King of the ThunderCats; he's Lion-O, our buddy, peer and companion. (I don't blame Panthro, because he's an adult and it's more of a rank and job type thing for him, since he's a general) Sure he's done some awesome things, but these guys traveled with Lion-O and know him personally. They've been there through his awkward stages.

As far as Tygra, Cheetara and Pumyra know, Claudus and Jaga are beyond reproach and infaillable in every way. Mainly because they haven't seen their awkward stages. Can you imagine Claudus or Jaga being vengeance-crazed, arrogantly challenging strangers to duels or trying to ask out a woman? Probably not, although they probably did do those things when those characters were 16. Unfortunately for Lion-O, his fellow companions see Lion-O doing this.

Possibly in time, Lion-O's exploits will overturn his inexperience. But we are watching him get to that point. It's akin to watching Rodimus Prime (Lion-O) get as great as Optimus Prime (Claudus).
These are very good points. You’ve given me good reasons for why they tend to behave the way they do. However, I still don’t see how that would excuse both Tygra’s and Cheetara’s behaviour.

For one thing, Lion-O has already surpassed Claudus in term of having vision, uniting the animals etc. Secondly, he’s the first Cat since Leo to actually defeat Mumm-Ra (temporarily) repeatedly. He’s mastered sight beyond sight which the greatest Lord of the ThunderCats is supposed to do and so on…
If these things are not enough to earn him at least a modicum of respect and legitimise his position then I don’t know what will. Not to mention he isn’t an entitled whiner like his brother.

I’m not saying that Tygra and Cheetara need to bow down before him all the time. Only that in a potentially hostile situation, they listen to him and not weaken him (and hence the entire team) in front of the enemy. You've given explanations as to why they may tend to do that which but I don't agree that the reasons you've given let them off the hook.

I compared Lion-O and Tygra fairly and objectively. I'm not on team Lion-O or team Tygra.
I can’t say the same. As you would have realised, I’m 100% pro Lion-O! For me, objectivity is great at times (certainly not always), but taking sides is much more enjoyable.
I’ve had enough of the Tygra’s a ‘fairy princess on the inside, he just hides under a brash exterior to protect himself’ argument. I don’t care how insecure/’complex’/’deep’ you are, if you’re that much of a jerk, then you’re a jerk!

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