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Originally Posted by L08e16o View Post
My whole point is Tygra has looked better than lion-o in this entire series.

So you are telling me people get excited about lion-o being a diplomat or lion-o in legacy, I think the lion-o in legacy is better. It was a great idea of them doing Mecha tygra. I will bet you that will be one of the things people like about that episode, besides SS.

So has lion-o and he died. He got beat by his brother again.

Well maybe that is why this series will not survive. Lot of people expected lion-o to be awesome not second best to his brother.

Tygra still cherishes the crown.
Tygra looks better than Lion-O, eh? Lion-O has his problems, but Tygra isn't on his level.

Tygra can't beat the mummy Mumm-Ra, let alone powered up Mumm-Ra alone
Tygra didn't beat Ratar-O alone
Tygra couldn't beat The Driller alone
Tygra didn't trick all three generals alone
Tygra can't use Sight beyond Sight
Tygra isn't spoken to by Jaga
Tygra didn't even realize his own people were undead
Tygra can't even be a good mech without breaking down
Tygra can't make an enemy realize the error of his ways

Still think Tygra is the star of the show? When Tygra can beat half of the guys that Lion-O has defeated, then you might have a case.

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