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So now we know what Mumm-ra has been up to.

Mumm-ra: That's right my kitty. Be mean to Lion-o. Oooh, you don't like it Lion-o. Now be nice to him and purr. *Smiles* Hmmmmmm, good.
Slithe: Master Mumm-ra, I just got news of........ O_O;
Mumm-ra: *Shocked and embrassed* How dare you interrupt me while I'm making magic.
Slithe: I'm sorry.
Mumm-ra: GET OUT!! Ancient Spirits of Evil transform this decayed form into Mumm-ra the Everliving.
Slithe: *Stares* "Why did he have to transform?"
Mumm-ra: Quit staring. *Blasts Slithe.*
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