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Looks like it'll be yet another really good episode. Should be interesting to see how the entire tower looks in the show. I just hope that this is the episode Mumm-Ra finally goes full power.

Very slight thing, but is anybody else starting to get annoyed with Lion-O just randomly saying the word whiskers? I understand what it's supposed to be, but there's just something about it that's starting to get to me. Could be that it's just him saying it.

Mumm-Ra's tank is pretty cool. Would be epic to see it and his pyramid made into toy-form.

Also, does the lantern remind anybody else of the cat in the eye of Thundera? I'm beginning to think maybe it really was Mumm-Ra's at one point, rather than him trying to fool others into believing him.

Edit: Just noticed the link to the pictures. Looks like my guess about this episode is true. Can't wait to finally see that happen.

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