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For the first clip: it's like a Mega Man level! Seriously, that's a Neo-Arcadian architectural design if I ever saw one! :lol

Would that make Mumm-Ra Dr. Wily?

As for the second clip: more Corey Burton!

The Mumm-Ra tank was rather neat; my brother thinks it looks like Batman's Tumbler. I wonder what the inside looks like, and how Mumm-Ra drives it. I also wonder if it will get a toy. I loved the Darth Vader styled steam blast entrance. I wish Mumm-Ra would do some maniacal cackling though!

Either way, I'm highly looking forward to the next episode!

I also looked through those photos; it looks like in addition to the Mummy-Mobile, we're also getting our first look at a long awaited Mumm-Ra scene....

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