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Originally Posted by SPLIT LIP View Post
Okay, two things:

1. How is Mumm-ra having a vehicle lame at all? It's not like he joy-rides it or anything outlandish. Dr. Claw had a car and he was still cool.

2. Even if it was, how would that make the episode suck when every episode so far has been great?

1) The show is called "Thundercats"...NOT Hotwheels...or more specifically Hotwheels :Battle Force 5. So the thought of Mumm-Ra tearing up some tread on Third Earth is in fact LAME. The old toon had him getting around just fine without any vehicles which only added to his overall character. Driving around only serves to "weaken" him in the sense of what he's capable of magically/power-wise. And if having his own ride was indeed absolutely necessary cuz of the show's direction, i think an ominous flying/hovering aircraft would be the most logical. It would directly tie into the fact that he sprouts wings in his "Ever Living" form and i assume is able to fly. As far as whether or not he "joy-rides", you don't know that he doesn't for sure and its anybody's guess at this point.

2) As far as whether this ep will suck or not isn't related at all to Mumm-Ra's vehicle idea being lame...i can look past that. Unlike yourself, i don't feel that all the eps have been "great". Season premiere (ep 1-2) was really good...eps 3-4 i personally found really weak and thus sucked save the very beginning and very end. Ep 5 was great and i hope the eps here on out follow that trend.

p.s. i don't know who Dr Claw is let alone whether or not he was in fact "cool"
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