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Originally Posted by Balgus82 View Post
Rewatching the episode now. The rest of the group were definitely already captured when Lion-O got pushed over the cliff. They just didn't show them getting cuffed. First you see Addicus stop Tygra, then you see Kaynar stop Cheetara, then Addicus and Kaynar are both free when they push Lion-O and in the next scene (right after he fell) the whole group is cuffed up with a lizard guarding them. So it seems to me like Addicus and Kaynar handed them off to the lizard guard after they caught them.

No idea who beat Panthro or Kit cause they didn't actually show that.

They probably did it like that to save time. Afterall they only get like 22 minutes per episode.
When Addicus and Kaynar are free, why didn't the others do anything, regardless of the cuffs? We see Tygra goad them, couldn't Cheetara have used her superspeed to do something like get behind one of the lizards and choke them or do something with her staff? and i can't believe Panthro was captured, he has new arms now. The twins know how to pick locks, so they should have been able to do something. I wonder where Snarf is.....?
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