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Originally Posted by cmangund View Post
Oh it's just another one of those anorexic ho's "stupid OOC moment".
Jelenic and crew will be forever be remembered as the man and crew that tainted the TCATS brand. Hopefully J.M. DeMatteis will remove some of the taint.
You seriously just don't care who you offend. Do you not know what anorexia is? Do you know the pain and struggle people who suffer from it go through? Mental and physical pain, people die from it. Lots of them young girls. Oh, good thing were not in a forum dedicated to a show that's aimed at little kids.

I get it, you don't like her. But why associate your hate and ridicule of her with a serious mental illness?

On a more related note, I also thought it was weird that Cheetara didn't show much of a reaction. I think it was another time restraint, the focus was on Lion-O and Jagga. Cheetara would have taken time from that.
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