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Originally Posted by SirSapphire View Post
I loved this episode (and there's a lot to love here).

Panthro's trial was great, Lion-O's pulled rank before but in a childish way. He needs to learn to do it when he knows he right, even if others don't.

I knew Tygra's trials would be about his self-doubt, I just never dreamed they'd actually have him fail (way to screw with my expectations, guys!).
Was there ever any doubt that Lion-O would sacrifice his own life for the other cats? He's been putting himself in danger for the sake of others since day one. He has the heart of a king because he is selfless.

Tygra's had to learn a hard lesson too. I really don't think he did any worse than Lion-O, but he didn't do any better either and that was the point. He probably could have figured a way out but he's so unaccustomed to failure his brain kind of shuts down. Lion-O is used to screwing up and thinking on the fly.

Wilykit's complete and total confidence in Lion-O is adorable. Even Cheetarah's faith has limits, but she never doubted him for an instant. Their hug was so cute!

And now, the kicking of Mumm-Ra's ass. Awesome! Lion-O finally has a full and decisive victory under his belt, just what he needs to give him a head start on his new path. It couldn't have hurt that Lion-O probably felt like he had nothing left to lose, which is was he wanted to chase after him while the other cats escape. Mumm-Ra will probably be sulking in his pyramid for awhile, When it comes right down to it he's a bully and a coward. If things don't go his way he just pouts in his coffin and waits until everyone else dies before trying again. It's why he will never win.

Hopefully now we can get some more focus on the other cats.
Tygra actually froze up and didn't know what to do. Kit played a very big role in this ep by leaving the trail and using her flute
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