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Originally Posted by Pravus Prime View Post
Ugh. I'm really on the bubble about dropping this series; I'm not sure at this point if I'll bother to watch it next week.

Mumm-ra is a wuss. Flat out wuss. People seem to have a very selective memory of the '80's Mumm-Ra, who had a winning record in combat against Lion-O (27-12).

The lessons/trials were stupid and the one move I thought took balls to make; having Lion-O die again at sunrise ended up being a non-issue. No, I wasn't expecting Lion-O to die for realsies, but for something of a compromise to be made, like Pheonix from the X-men with all the cats giving a portion of their life to keep Lion-O (and thus getting their cat emblems on their red jewels). Something, anything, even the soul gem burning itself out for a while, or perhaps Lion-O bonds with the Sword of Omens to stay alive, anything other then a return for no reason to status quo.

Wily Kats flute was given so much power, you have to wonder why they even fight. Just have kat play a song and the enemy are stupified and beaten. The End.

I'm not even going to go into any of the other myriad of problems this series has, because why should I spend more effort then the writing team?
. duly noted
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