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Originally Posted by KaleRylan View Post
Okay, first a disclaimer, I like this episode a lot. The catch though is I was so frustrated after the last couple of episodes that this is basically the minimum they could have done to not truly make me start hating this show.

First, Panthro's trial: Most of this was dumb. Why would you just blindly charge the guy over and over again? I did like the final lesson, but it would have worked better if they had not repeatedly had the other cats get pissy whenever Lion-o tells them what to do. But maybe that's the actual lesson here; don't let it bother him when they get pissy, just tell them to shut up and do it anyway.

Tygra's trial: basically fine, although again they have him just charge repeatedly. That is dumb. That is dumber than you should show your hero behaving even BEFORE you're going to teach him the big lesson. And I hope we get some more (quality) exploration of the final statement that Lion-o is NOT over his inferiority complex.

Last Half: Better than the first half, but riddled with weird holes. How is the door the cats entered an 'air shaft?' And how did Panthro know it's secret key button? And Kit's music is far too random, it basically forces the writers to selectively forget it half the time because of how powerful it would be.

That said, I liked the fights, I REALLY enjoyed Kit's faith in Lion-o (bout time someone realized that he ALWAYS comes through in the end), and I hope that Tygra's chance to see things from the other side will give him some perspective on Lion-o's situation.

Still, this does not wash the stupidity of the last few episodes away. They need to maintain at least this quality level for a few episodes before all THAT begins to fade.
Panthro saw grune do it that how he knows about it. Yes I agree the pantro trail was a bit silly but the tygra one didn't surprise me. The object is to ring the bell not attack tygra lion-o need to learn he has to run his own race and not worry about what tygra is doing he lost the very moment he went after tygra.
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