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Originally Posted by hollowdheart View Post
Michael Jelenic, i think.

Maybe they're talking about the comics? All i can remember about them is the atrocious way T/C was made canon in them.

Also, i was a bit confused about Cheetara hunting for food; sure she was an orphan in Thundera (unless she's from somewhere else) and i don't think Clerics hunted for food, given that they probably got free meals for protecting the King and Royal family.
What was so atrocious about the way they go together? Ive heard some complaints about what happened to them, but two people getting close over something traumatic is not unheard of. NO, DON'T. PM ME INSTEAD IF YOU WANT.

I love when this show reminds us that these characters are NOT completely human. Running on all fours, growling and roaring, all of this helps develop the fantasy aspect of this show. So once you give it some more thought, it doesn't seem heartless at all. When I was watching it the first time, I automatically assumed the adults would be hidden close by.

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