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An episode that was neither strong nor weak. It was definitely better than the previous ones but only because it was part of the main storyline.

-Firstly, thank the Ancient Spirits for Pumyra not reverting back to being indifferent towards Lion-O at beginning of the episode.

-The irony behind Tygra being offended by the Vulture’s superiority complex was a nice touch. Pot, meet kettle.

-Tygra manages to beat a Bird at flying. We get a rather bullshit implication about piloting skills being encoded in the Tigers genes. If the animals were genetically engineered by Mumm-Ra, then show that or at least hint it. The writers seem to love with biological determinism. Why is Tygra so prideful? Because he’s a Tiger! Why does he naturally have the ability to pilot a craft he’s never seen before? Because he’s a Tiger!

- I didn’t think they could make Tygra more unlikeable but they did.

-Is there anything Panthro isn’t scared of? First it was water, and now heights. Next up, he suddenly develops claustrophobia.

-Does Lion-O have any authority at all as the King?! Tygra undermines him, right in front of potential hostiles. What does Cheetara do? After initially expressing a little scepticism, she has a sudden change of heart; she kisses the tosser and wishes him good luck! Just brilliant.

-Which brings me to this: Next time, please give Cheetara some pom-poms. They’ll come in handy while she’s busy with her cheerleading routine. “Give me a T… Give me a Y…” Great way to continue wasting a character that had so much potential.
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