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Originally Posted by MegaGearX View Post
Lion-O was the main character in that story. Tygra was off acting foolish and chasing bugs throughout the main battle at the end. After Mummrasaur knocked him back, we don't see him until the episode ends. Lion-O, OTOH, wasn't under the influence of any potion.

Not get turned into a malfunctioning mecha by the villain. Tygra spent the second half of that episode on a slab. In the Soul Server, Tygra was the first to be defeated by the villain. Flicker freed Lion-O, who rescued Tygra from his fate by convincing the Soul Sever to let the souls he captured loose. That wasn't one of Tygra's best episodes.

Nothing really terrible happened to Lion-O in either of those episodes and he made out far better than Tygra did.
So lion-o talking to SS gives him the nod. I disagree. I bet you if they made mecha tygra it would sell well.

Lion-o did nothing in that main fight. He did a couple of flips, but where did that get him. I remember tygra and lucy more than lion-o in that episode. If you think tygra looked like a fool, lion-o did too. He was a staker who puts ruthies in females drinks.

How did lion-o come out. Lion-o was very fogetable.

In the OS lion-o was great, NS tygra is better than lion-o.
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