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Originally Posted by L08e16o View Post
Just because lion-o has the SoO and crown doesn't make him the focus. He became King. Lion-o whole clan is gone too. Who are these other lions?
Lion-O has the rest of Thundera to rebuild and call him King. He doesn't need other lions. He just needs his cats. Nobody is going to call Tygra king of anything. He is a member of an ousted tribe, none of which is left.

Wait, 14 tygra offically got cheetara and saved her. She surrendered for him. What did lion-o do?

Lion-O saved the lizards, stood his ground. Or does that count for nothing?

15 lion-o dies and tygra is king and got them out of being captured.

Lion-O shone in his trials. He outsmarted them, he learned his lessons. Maybe that counts for nothing too? I think not.

16 Tygra beats lion-o again.

How? Lion-O gave up his soul for them. He got it back for his sacrifice. He saved all the cats. Were it not for Kit putting the guards to sleep Tygra didn't have a back up plan. He felt like he was a failure for not leading them properly. Lion-O single handedly outsmarts Kaynar, Addicus and beats Mumm-Ra on his own stomping grounds.

17 Tygra episode

And it was Lion-O who figured out that they were all dead. He actually used sight beyond sight too. He also figured out that everything is not what it seems. Pretty smart thinking if you ask me.

18 P/C/K/K

19 What did lion-o do to look great, oh he got beat up by a throw in female character for lion-o.

Lion-O was the only one who stood for Pumyra who turned out to be an asset. He stood his ground on his decision too. He let her try to beat him up because he didn't want to fight her. What's wrong with being a gentleman?

20. Lion-o barely wins and we got all this cheesey tygra stuff.

The bottom line, he won didn't he? He was all up for not killing that mouse and in the end the mouse gave him back the sword of Omens. He also made a believer of Pumyra for diplomacy.

21 Lion-o episdoe writen by the VA that does his voice.
What's wrong with Will Freidle writing? He's pretty good at it too. The only dumb thing in this episode is Lion-O losing the Sword Of Plundarr. He had a good fight scene with Mumm-Ra too.

22. Kids

23. IMO tygra was great to see him act that way, I only remember lion-o waving his sword when mummra was right behind him to pumyra. Lion-o acted like a 13 year old kid too.

I liked Lion-O's fight scenes here. He rescued Myra too, score 3 for the king rescuing her. Though this is not my favorite episode because of the cliches. Tygra didn't act like a 13 year old, he acted like an idiot high on something. Lion-O can act like 13, he's what, 17? I know grown men who act like 13 too.

24. Mecha tygra. What did lion-o do again. It was the robot that helped them.

Mecha Tygra ate the souls. Tygra died too. Lion-O got the idea for flicker to help them out. Plus Lion-O doesn't end up with bad dialogue.

25. Tygra the flying ace. What did lion-o do again?

Didn't you hear Pumyra at the beginning of the episode? They wouldn't have gotten there if it weren't for Lion-O. Lion-O does a lot of the diplomatic talking here too. He didn't want to sacrifice the bird kingdom just to get the stone. He's not about the end justifying the means. Tygra may have flown like an ace but did that get them the stone? Ermmm... no.

I am scoring Lion-o 2 Tygra 8.
I'm beginning to sound like the Lion-O fan here. I have faith in your king, why don't you?

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