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Originally Posted by L08e16o View Post
In 15, that had nothing to do what I am talking about. I am talking about L/T. Lion-o hit mummra with one shot. Nothing great. Even when tygra got captured, he still beat lion-o. That is my point.
Nothing great? Lion-O beat Mumm-Ra on his own turf. Tygra with all of the other Cats helping couldn't get past his little mummy form. Tell me, who is greater again? Lion-O, by himself, snuck into the pyramid without help and defeated his generals, all by his lonesome. Did Tygra do that?

He was on his feet doing nothing. A robot and Lucy saved the day, not lion-o.

Tygra was not a bitch. MJ had lion-o looking like a little boy with the stalking of pumyra.
I'm saying he was on his feet and acting like himself. Better than being under someone or something's influence. Lion-O taking sense to Soul Server made him release Flicker so that Tygra could be saved. Who is in the better position again, Lion-O or Tygra?

SS, everyone will remember mecha tygra, not lion-o talking. I don't evern remember what lion-o said.
You mean the mech that broke down before he could do anything, while Tygra had his soul missing and tied on a slab? YOU remember the mech. Thanks to you, everyone will probably remember Tygra being on a slab now.

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