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Originally Posted by vantheman77 View Post
I wonder who the twins will get to help them get the Tech Stone..
You know I was thinking about that...
The Elephants? Erm....not going to hold on the boards...not sure about their flying skills either, except if they're related to Dumbo...
The Dogs? Not unless they have flying mechas. They did have that robot in the arena. Maybe they do. Plus, after setting thier superstar gladiator free and the trouble with the forever bag, I don't think the dogs are going to hurry to thier rescue.
Viragor? He's the only one who can fly that high. Maybe????
Robearbils? They might be able to go up there. Not sure about their fighting skills.
The Soul Sever and the Necromechas (?) he may still be a little pissed at them.
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