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Originally Posted by fuukonomiko View Post
Since when did he become the focus of the series? He's not the king, he's not holding the sword of Omens, none of the Thundercats listen to his orders, he failed at leading them during Lion-O's death, he didn't rescue Pumyra from Dobo or Mumm-saur, he got his ass handed to him by Kaynar, Addicus, Mumm-saur, the Soul sever, his whole clan is extinct, he's not going to king of anything when the series ends, he successfully looked like a complete idiot after drinking the magic elixir, the only lesson he apparently learned is how to fly a jet that they magically fixed in days. How is that making him a focus?
Isn't it obvious? He got Cheetara. Every single thing else in the series doesn't matter because he got Cheetara.
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